Hawks RV Park offers RV sites at affordable rates, along with our Helping Hands food ministry.

RV Park

RV Park | Hawks RV Park

Traveling around the country in an RV is a unique way of life. When you stop at a family RV Park, you want more than just someone to take your money...

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RV Campgrounds

RV Campgrounds | Hawks RV Park

Finding affordable RV campgrounds is always a difficult task, but when you are in Montgomery, AL, you can drive on over to Hawks RV Park and find a nice...

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Outreach Ministry

Outreach Ministry | Hawks RV Park

When you are looking for a Christian Family RV Park in Montgomery, AL, roll out to Hawks RV Park, and get all of your physical and spiritual needs met...

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Welcome To Hawks RV Park

Vacationing in a Recreational Vehicle offers a different way of life that not everybody understands. Hawks RV Park in Montgomery, AL has 11 years of experience running a Christian RV Campground, and we know all about what it takes to deliver excellent service and comfortable RV sites to you and your family.

You probably hit the road to get away from all the stress of your job in the big city. At Hawks RV Park, you will find quiet hiking trails, great fishing holes, and wonderful bike paths. You can hunt, watch birds, or silently take in the wildlife that frequents the area around the RV Park. This is a great opportunity to spend time with the kids, your significant other, or just by yourself, soaking in the stars at night and the glory of God’s work in the daytime.

This RV Campground also offers tent friendly camping sites for those of you who don’t need an indoor bathroom and kitchen with running water. If you prefer sleeping bags and camping stoves, we have the perfect, level spot for you to pitch your tent and sit by the campfire. Our pet friendly campground has plenty of room for your dog, so don’t leave Fido behind when you head out for your camping trip.

There is more than just camping at Hawks RV Park. The Christian way of life is very prevalent in the family friendly chapel, Christian outreach ministry, food ministry, and rehab center for drug and alcohol problems. If you need healing for more than the body, you can find help for the soul among services offered.

Do not waste your precious time off in an alcohol soaked campsite in just any campground. Pull into Hawks RV Park, and find restful peace.

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